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Support Room

Brand Identity / UX & UI / App Design

Support Room

SupportRoom is a workplace wellness app with one simple mission: to make employee wellness a reality for every member of your workforce.

We were brought onboard for this exciting new start-up to help with creating a brand identity, and to produce the front-end designs for their mental health support app.

This was a unique project as it took place during the Covid-19 outbreak, and the subsequent lockdowns that ensued.


sr logo

Creating an identity

Our aim was to find a typeface for the brand that was modern and caught the eye. After finalising this aspect, we delved into the use of moodboards to capture the desired feelings and emotions the brand aimed to convey. This process allowed us to swiftly pinpoint a thematic essence that could be consistently carried across various facets of the brand.

User interface design

The next phase of the project involved meticulously mapping out the complete data flow of the application before initiating any design work. This comprehensive approach was essential to ensure a shared understanding among all project members regarding the app’s functionality and the range of actions users could undertake.

Transferring the brand identity seamlessly into the app design and prototype provided the client with a clear preview of the visual aspects long before the commencement of any construction work. This proved to be a crucial step in our process.
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