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WordPress / Web Development


Clara is a mission-driven company aiming to build a meaningful product that will come to be viewed as an integral part of every startup’s software stack.

Our primary objective for this WordPress project was to undertake the intricate task of translating designs provided by the client’s skilled in-house design team into an equally impressive, responsive website build.

Our team has meticulously worked on incorporating a multitude of web design features, such as drop-down menus, sleek carousels, and comprehensive pricing tables, which not only add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the website but also ensure that the website functions smoothly and optimally across various screen sizes.

clara desk main
We liaised with client’s in-house designers over a couple of months to not only deliver the final website, but to also provide on-going support for new page templates and third-party application integration.

The website incorporated sleek drop-down menus, seamlessly integrated videos, and modern functionalities like nested accordions and carousels. These features collectively contributed to presenting content in a user-friendly manner across mobile and desktop.

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