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Top 8 Web Design Trends for 2024

Being ahead of the competition is crucial to developing visually appealing and user-friendly websites, where trends pile upon trends and outstanding customer satisfaction is a top priority. As we enter 2024, it’s essential to consider emerging web design trends, and by bringing some insight into the different types of typology, our blog will dive into an analysis of the web design trends that will dominate the industry in this new year.

Animated and Dynamic Typography

Say goodbye to static text and say hello to animated and dynamic typology! In 2024, web designers will embrace this engaging typology style of adding animation to text, capturing the attention of the viewers alongside showcasing their brand personality. Whether it’s enhancing readability, adapting well to mobile responsiveness without slowing down the website, or being unique, animating your text has a range of benefits for you, adding charm and creativity to your user’s experience.

This text is Better Bigger Faster

AI-Generated Imagery

In 2023, we’ve observed how artificial intelligence (AI) has shaped the digital environment, and we’re certain it’s going to take centre stage in 2024. From personalised graphics to animated content and videos, AI will continue to generate creative and contextually relevant visuals far beyond our imaginations, ultimately enriching our user experience.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The human touch is making a comeback, with hand-drawn illustrations becoming more popular. From singular images and website backgrounds, hand-drawn images present authenticity and veracity, portraying the company’s efforts to ensure their website portrays their brand correctly. This web design trend additionally fosters a connection with its users, from storytelling to creating a memorable experience.
man making notes

Motion Effects

This is a web design trend that is already in integration, creating immersive experiences for online visitors. From immersive 3D elements to various scrolling animations such as hovering or loading, these effects add depth and dimension to websites, further engaging visitors on your site.


Microinteractions are subtle interactive motions that generate seamless and interactive user visits, enhance their usability and experience by guiding user behaviour, and serve various functions, such as gamification. Even though these are brief interactions, they play a huge role in portraying the brand identity, usability of the site, and visitor satisfaction.
submit to tick button animation

Bento Grid Layouts

Fun fact: bento grid layouts aren’t actually that new! Inspired by the Japanese bento box, this web design trend allows for creativity and asymmetrical arrangements of content, providing a visually interesting and dynamic layout that ushers away from the traditional grid structures. Additionally, this web design trend grew in popularity after Apple adopted the layout for their online presence and iOS, with other companies using this modern and playful layout for their online content.
bento grid

Retro and Nostalgia

Nostalgia is back in full force, and we’re not talking about Dell computers or playing SimCity online. Fashion moves in cycles, and equally, web designs are not immune to this. With a focus on retro aesthetics, 90s and Y2K styles, and vintage vibes taking over our pixel art illustrations, and colour schemes, this web design trend adds a touch of familiarity and warmth to modern digital experiences.

Massive Text in Hero Images

Bold, oversized text in hero images captures your visitors’ attention on sight and is a trend that’s here to stay. In 2024, web designers will push boundaries by using captivating typography in a single image, ensuring their message is difficult to ignore.
hero 1

Now that we’ve ventured into 2024, the world of web design will be an exciting combination of technology and creativity, and by incorporating these web design trends into your website, the immersive and memorable space can captivate your online visitors. Are you looking to create an optimised, on-brand, and interactive website for your company?

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