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Trauma Alchemist

Identity / Branding

The Trauma Alchemist

The Trauma Alchemist is an authentic professional with firsthand experience. Their exploration into the realm of trauma healing commenced unexpectedly during the execution of mental health interventions in schools located in inner-city London.

We were tasked with developing a unique identity and branding that spans both digital and print platforms.

TA logo

After speaking with the client we learned that a snake symbol had to be part of the brand as it embodied rebirth, change, transformation, and healing—attributes closely aligned with the brand’s core beliefs and values.

Collaborating closely with the client, we curated a set of typefaces that not only resonated with their preferences but also harmonised effectively as a pairing. The selected typeface for the logo underwent deliberate modifications to create a wholly new look and feel, injecting a sense of originality into the brand.

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