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Keyboard Specialists

Website Design / Shopify / Web Development

The Keyboard Specialists

The Keyboard Specialists stand as one of the leading providers of keyboards in the UK, catering to businesses worldwide across diverse industries.

Given that the client already possessed a Shopify website, our responsibility was to revamp the entire site using a compatible theme that could seamlessly integrate with the substantial customisations already implemented.

Preserving the on-brand aesthetic was paramount, emphasising that the product images conveyed the message effectively. Given the prevalence of white color throughout the website, optimising the use of white space was essential.

kbs desk 1

The main pages of the website that needed attention were the homepage, collection and product pages. As these pages are where most of the interactions take place, we had to ensure we made these pages as user friendly and informative as possible.

By incorporating a grid layout on the homepage and removing the old carousel style banner, we were able to display all of the main keyboard categories in one go.

As there was a vast number of products and categories, we needed to be able to organise everything within a navigation system that was easy to use.  This is where we had to customise how Shopify and the theme handled how the navigation was displayed.

Ensuring a user-friendly mobile experience was a top priority for the client, given the observed surge in sales through mobile devices over the past year.

Enhancing usability and performance stood as pivotal objectives for this project. Transitioning to Shopify enabled us to attain these goals by delivering swift-loading web pages and benefiting from Shopify’s highly effective checkout page, known for its conversion prowess.

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